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I am mad at nothing

Have you ever been mad at nothing and everybody? Well I am. I don’t know why. Maybe it is my fever, or my lack of sleep, or the fact that I’m writing a blog that very few people read. I really don’t know. I’m going to start with a picture I found on brainyquotes,com  Continue reading


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Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.



I know I couldn’t live by this motto. I admit I am greedy. I admit I’m not perfect. I’m not awesome. I’m actually stupid and hate myself for who I am, but I also love myself. Everything is awesome!

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Some new turns and twists

Alright honeys, today we were talking about abuse, and somehow our teacher thinks that calling someone “honey” is sexual abuse. So I’ve been “sexually abusing” people. No, I haven’t. Today there was like the 3d breakup. My carpool, who is also a teacher, spent most of her time complaining that roads have rights too! She talked to the road, which is so un-teacher like. She said that people talk to other inanimate-objects, so it is only fair to talk to these roads too, not just flour vases or cars. She also wanted to fight sexism by joining a boy band as the lead singer. She is a FEMALE! I sit here, sipping lemonade, then my dad calls, and he tells me, “Simon, we are going to the mall tonight to buy me a new computer, because my work computer is bad”. Yaeh! The mall were going to has right around 500 stores, and it beats any sucky strip mall close to where you live. The picture below is from www.urbansplatter.comImage

This picture isn’t from me, as I don’t own a private jet, which is unfortunate, but true. 

I will probably blog again soon! 



My life is awesome

My life is improving at a steady rate! The world of gossip in our class is currently huge, having the clique (the idiots featured in my previous article) all having crazy crushes,  and new and weird couples. Today during Spanish we were working (correction: the others were working, I was just sitting there ( for my group I picked people who were 1)likely to work for me without complying 2) not just sit there, work 3) get the stuff correctly. These people were happy to be in my group as they have a crush on me (well I think so but a person said that no one in the class does as I’m not cute. I’m sexy). The clique is being there weird self again and the person who used to be the girlfriend of the dictator of the clique now is in “love” with one of the other members of the clique. This person, the x-girlfriend of the alpha male of the clique broke up with him yesterday, and today I worked with her in a group on the Spanish project I mentioned earlier, and she was trying to find a ship name for me with a girl I don’t even like. People always think that I have a crush on her, even my family. One of my sister’s best friends is her sister, which sometimes annoys me. I mean really people tease me all the time about a crush I don’t have.

To be continued…

dun dun dununununah


I am a weirdo, trying to be different and better than society

Sometimes I wish there were a utopia, where everyone was just treated equal, not just 3/5 equal to the other. It annoys me that these idiots think they are better than the other. There is one of these cliques in our class, just it is boys and one girl instead of a ton of girls who wear too.

My definition:

Clique:  A ton of girls who wear too much makeup and gossip for 23 hours and sleep one hour so they can still gossip without falling down 


I mean it is a group of boys, not girls, well one girl, and they discriminate by these things (Oh I forgot to mention, they think that they are really cool and they are really exclusive):

  • You must be cool and not a nerd
  • Perverted mind
  • Swear a lot
  • be a hypocrite 
  • If the alpha male (excuse me I mean the leader) of the clique has a crush on you, you are accepted and protected from any form of being picked on

So anyways they even have kids they don’t really like be half-members. Talk about exclusion. So anyways my next blog will be about them too.

By the way I’m just in middle school, please don’t complain about grammar